Hi, I'm Leanne Tucker 

As a CREATIVE THOUGHT LEADER, I transform wild ideas into strategic and meaningful brands and experiences that truly stand out… and I have FUN doing it! I bring a multi-faceted, professional design and advertising background mixed with my love of telling stories to the table. I’ve had 16 years of experience working with top global brands such as Mattel (Barbie etc.), Disney, Nike, Lee Jeans, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Petco and Sonic Drive-In, creating and crafting their unique stories to engage their consumers like never before. I know how to "brand" and make a big statement!

I’ve also been known to throw a snazzy party every now and then :) I suppose I’ve always enjoyed celebrating and entertaining friends and family. The planning, organizing and over-the-top decorating just seems to come natural to me!

So Right Now:

I'm currently focused on the success of my various FREELANCE clients. I strive to inspire and motivate them with smart, exciting and thoughtful ideas that convert creative briefs into success stories!

Wanna work with me too? Send me a message and let's see where a LOT of creativity can take your business!!

••• CLIENTS •••

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Current mood…

Ever heard of Glamping?!!
Check out my side-hustle to see how we revamp the way you camp!


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